Profile of Wolf Simson

Wolfgang Simson (1959-) was born in Germany and has German, Jewish and Hungarian roots. He is married to Mercy and they have three kids. After living in the UK and India, they now live in the south of Germany.

In the midst of beginning a political career, a number of supernatural experiences brought him to a confrontation with the reality of Christ. After working as a social worker and taxidriver in Stuttgart, Germany, he later (1987) graduated with an M.Th. from Free Evangelical Theological Academy (Basel, Switzerland), where he later taught courses on Church Growth and Mission Strategy and became the assistant of the Dean, late Prof. Samuel Külling. While pursuing a Ph.D at various academic institutions in Belgium and the US - doing postgraduate studies in Missions and Cultural Anthropology - he found out that academia did not have the answers to the questions he was after - but God had them. In yet another direct experience with God he was shown the purpose, direction and path of his life, and he has been pursuing this ever since.

Since 1983 Wolfgang was involved in the planting of several churches and in church-based leadership positions, while at the same time beginning a life of extensive global research on growing churches, churchplanting movements and revival and mission breakthroughs.

Wolfgang was working for two decades ( 1986 - 2006) as a Church Growth, Evangelism and strategy consultant, researcher and journalist within various Christian networks and regional and global strategy thing tanks in close to 60 nations. One of the founders of Dawn Europa, he has been a board member of both the British and the German Church Growth Associations, a member of the Lausanne Movement in Germany, editor of the wellknown EZines “Fridayfax”, “Fridayfax2” (now merged into StarFish News) and “The Mammon-Fax”.

He is the author of 12 books that have been translated into 20 languages so far.

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